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Are you looking for a dab rig that rips hard, but also smooth? Something that is easy to hit anywhere? Something that looks f**kin' sick? Those are the questions we asked when designing the world first silicone dab rig. Be adventurous, travel, throw a party, and never worry about your rig shattering to pieces. The Eyce Rig goes above and beyond, while keeping the everyday user in mind with functions like a built in tool holder, and hidden oil jar. The Stem Cap fits any 10mm slide, nail, or banger.

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body and Stem Cap
  • Oil Storage Container
  • 10mm Reversible GR2 Titanium Nail
  • Dab Want
  • Stem Cap is compatible with the Eyce Bubbler
  • Eyce Rig
  • Dab Wand