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The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig™ from MJ Arsenal. Designed with an advanced Klein recycler, the Hydra pulls the water into a higher chamber, thoroughly filtering the smoke for smooth inhales. As the smoke travels through the triple hole percolator, it becomes moisture-rich and dense; the filtration system removes impurities, enabling the Hydra to deliver pure rips of potent vapor. The Hydra comes with a custom-made 90° quartz banger; thermal-resistant and 2mm thick, this premium banger allows for optimal flavor transfer. In addition to a wide and sturdy base, the Hydra was engineered with a rear-mounted side-pipe for ultimate spill resistance. Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use, the Hydra is perfectly portable for dabs at home or on-the-go. Named after a mythical animal, the Hydra is a beast!

  • Advanced Klein-Style Recycler
  • Triple Hole Percolator
  • Custom-Made 90° Quartz Banger
  • Water Filtration For On-the-Go Sessions
  • Crafted From Handblown Borosilicate Glass
  • MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig